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You might be a blogger if…

This week I am taking a break from multi-generational analysis to share my observations from the blogosphere.

Since launching this blog in April of 2017, I have learned a lot. Aside from going deeper into my area of focus: multi-generational workplace dynamics—I have learned what it takes to create and sustain a blog.

When I committed to creating TheGenXManager, I was just as excited about building, launching and promoting the blog as I was to produce its content. I signed up for just about every blogging webinar I came across. I downloaded e-books, white papers, content calendar templates and videos. Before long, my inbox was flooded with communications and promotions: Make Money Blogging! Get 1000 Followers in 30 Days! Quit Your Day Job: Affiliate Marketing Cheat Sheet! Triple Your Traffic with (Fill In the Blank)!

What I quickly realized was that there were a lot of bloggers who blog about blogging and that blogging about blogging is big business. There is a whole industry dedicated to finding people like me—those who want to build a platform to share knowledge and explore ideas—and selling them stuff. Those e-books, webinars and content tools were lead magnets, designed to place me into a funnel and into the sales cycle.

Marketing is my day job, so I knew what I was getting into. And as a newbie blogger, I knew I had a lot to learn, so I ended up in a lot of funnels. I also got involved with blogging communities—Facebook or LinkedIn groups, etc.–and found that many were made up of new(ish) bloggers just like me. This post is for them.

You might be a blogger if…

  • …you tried to stay with your free site as long as you could because you told yourself you are tech-challenged, but you realized you can only have all the cool stuff on Now you know about hosting, plug-ins and can maybe even do a little PHP coding.
  • …you pre-wrote 10 or more posts before your site launch, and now you’re one day ahead of publication.
  • …the time you’ve spent Googling how to modify your blog’s free theme costs way more than the money you would have spent just buying the upgrade.
  • …you have blog post ideas in your phone, notebooks, on Post-its, gum wrappers, and napkins—and can’t access any of it while you’re at the dealership waiting for an oil change.
  • …you’ve mixed up AM and PM when you’re setting up your post to auto-publish.
  • …you are considering “rebranding”.
  • …you’re pretty sure your blog could be a book someday. Or at least a TEDtalk.
  • …you’re wondering if you should launch a podcast, a YouTube channel, a webinar series or all of these. Right now.
  • …your brilliant idea for your would-be blog’s domain name is registered to a website that hasn’t been updated in four years.
  • …you really do dream of quitting your day job because want to believe the passive income that your blog might generate will give you laptop lifestyle that every blogging guru promises.

If you are already firmly ensconced in the blogosphere, you may relate to the above list. If you are considering joining us, this is just some of the wonder that awaits. Better register your domain name now before you’re stuck with a “.info” extension.

Fellow bloggers, what did I miss? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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