A GenX Thanksgiving

In anticipation of being in a tryptophan-induced coma, the GenX Manager is throwing it back to last year and re-sharing this post from November 2017, and giving thanks–again–that she’s Generation X all the way. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! GXM

Generation X, what are you thankful for? That was the question I posed to Generation X followers of the GenX Manager’s blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.

generation-xWe came of age in a time of great uncertainty, but it molded and shaped us into a generation of authentic, pragmatic and accepting people. We’re not the negative slackers anymore (and perhaps we never were). Our upbringing continues to influence us even today. Check what these GenX-ers are thankful for:

“Thankful to have been born during a time of independence. We weren’t hovered over. We took care of ourselves out of necessity. That made us problem solvers. We have the best innovators. We have real musicians that actually play music not computers. Our bands didn’t start out on the Disney Channel. We know how to pull our own weight and rely on no one else. Lastly, we are the kings of not giving a crap what anybody thinks of us either.” –Stacy S.

“80’s thrash metal!! \m/” –Lester W.

“I’m thankful there was not social media when I was a teen!!! But seriously, I think the timing of our upbringing made us a very creative and self-starting generation.” –David M. 

“I’m thankful for our communication skills. Not to sound like an old fart, but meaningful communication has gone down the toilet.” –Jim W.

“I’m thankful for the sense of independence I developed while growing up. It helped me tackle challenges and take initiative.”—Janet R.

“I’m thankful for my sense of adventure! My kids would rather stay home than be out. That also ties in with my independence. I’m also thankful for my ability to concentrate on things for a very long time. Is ADD an epidemic, or is it a condition of the brain being wired to respond to so many distractions? I worry about this.” –Sabra C.

“That I’m not a helicopter parent. We had to figure a lot out on our own growing up and I think we’re better for it. I am trying to raise my kids to have that same independence and problem-solving ability.” –Jennifer T.

“I’m thankful that social media wasn’t around when we were growing up!” –Tom H. (but a sentiment echoed by multiple respondents) 

“Growing up GenX made me aware of what’s really happening in the world. I don’t always accept what’s being told to us in the media and I try to verify reports that seem questionable. Maybe it’s a lack of trust, but our generation has been burned before.”–Brian B.

“I think Generation X doesn’t care as much what people think. People described us as negative, but I think it’s really just that we’re comfortable being ourselves and are less accepting of bullshit.” –Heather B.

“We have the best music.” –Joe R.

“I am thankful that growing up Generation X made us ‘doers’. We know how to get things done and aren’t afraid to take risks. I wish more people were like that, especially at work.” –Wendy D.

“That our kids are more like us than like Millennials. Yes, they might be addicted to technology but they’re also incredibly informed and tuned in to what’s happening in the world—more so that we were at their age. I think they’re going to be even more kick-ass than we were. “ –Debbie H.

“That we’re still badass. It’s just badass for a different life stage.” –Rob M.

It was so great to go through these and see how much that people of our generation appreciate how our coming-of-age positively influenced us. For me, I am thankful that there are so many people for whom the spirit of TheGenXManager.com is resonating. That being said, I am also thankful that –like Rob says—we’re still badass, that Depeche Mode is still together and touring, and that motorcycle jackets and chokers are back in style (although—true confession—never stopped wearing them).

Care to add to the list? When it comes to being a part of your generation, what are you most thankful for? Leave your comments below. Baby Boomers and Millennials, we want to hear from you too.

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