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Peace Out, For Now

Die-hard GenX Manager followers (there are a few) have noticed that it’s kinda been crickets over here. They’re not wrong.  For the last few months, I have been in the GenX vortex: major career shifts, health issues with parents and children, and general mid-life. Meet the new Sandwich Generation (watch out Millennials—you’re next).

For that reason, I’ve decided to temporarily and officially step away from TheGenXManager in its current form. My kid is turning 18. I’ve started a new day job that’s the next rung up on my career ladder, in an organization that is radically different from the one I left. I have a two-hour daily commute. I want to take guitar lessons and get in touch with my inner rock chick. So I am taking a break.

But that’s all it is—a break. There is too much going on in our generation and others to sit idly by and not comment. I was never that good at keeping my mouth shut and that really hasn’t changed.  And because there are lots of other places where I share my unfiltered GenX thoughts, I’ll still be posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.   

I started this blog in March of 2017 for a few reasons. First—I wanted to see if I could launch a blog that people would read. Turns out I could. Second, I wanted to test myself to see if I could come up with content—first weekly and then bi-weekly—for an extended period of time. For me, who is the Queen of the Beginnings, Lover of the First 90 Days, She Who Grows Bored Almost Immediately, this was my triumph.

With those questions answered, I look to the future—short-term and long-term. Short-term, I’ll be focused on whatever the thing is that is right in front of me. Long-term, I’ll create a new challenge for myself and I will set out to conquer with joy in my heart. It might be a revival of this blog in its current state. It might be me exploring new ways to convey my thoughts to the world. Books? Podcast? Video? Nothing is off the table.

And finally, a note of thanks to so many of you who have encouraged me along the way, and expressed your appreciation of the blog, or even suggested post topics. It inspired and fueled me.

So peace out, for now. Because we will surely meet again my friend.

Heidi Marcin, The GenX Manager


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